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Standard Delivery
Standard delivery orders will usually arrive within 5-7 days of receiving a credit card authorization. Processing of your order will begin as soon as we receive your payment information.
After placing your order, you will receive an email with the status of the order and the shipment number so that you can track your package online with the carrier.
Rules and Regulations
At the time of ordering, members are required to provide the full name of the recipient, as stated in their government-approved photo identification number (recipient). At the point of delivery, the receiver will receive the product by providing any of the following government-identified photographs:
♦ Aadhar details
♦ PAN details
♦ Voter ID card
♦ Passport
Delivery can only be made by the courier company / agent after confirmation of the photo and the name of the recipient. The recipient must cooperate with the courier agent by providing a valid and required copy of their government-approved photo ID. In accordance with the applicable instructions required by the GOI, the customer is obliged to provide a permanent account number (PAN) for all purchases above INR 2000.
In the event that a member wishes the goods to be taken over by any other person on his behalf, similar details should be provided in the order. All items will be delivered directly to this person and under no circumstances will the member be able to change the recipient details after processing the order.
All transportation costs and other shipping costs will be borne by the company. The person receiving the delivery must carefully check the delivered packaging and not accept the delivery that has been falsified. The recipient also has the option to open the package and check the contents of the package before receiving or signing the confirmation. They will not accept the shipment if they find that the box is empty or its inside is damaged or the product inside does not match the order.
When signing the delivery confirmation, the recipient confirms the receipt of the product in accordance with the order placed with the company. The Company is not liable to the Client / Recipient for any return / replacement, under any circumstances, for any subsequent complaints regarding this delivery.
If the receiver is not available at the time of delivery, the courier / agent will attempt to deliver three times before returning it to Perfection Unit of MGJ Pvt Ltd. All costs of return and handling in case of non-delivery to the member shall be borne by the Member. Ensure that the Company’s supplies are subject to the terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistency / error in the name or address will result in a delay / failure to deliver the product.
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